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Meet Las Alba FV, the visionaries behind a brand that transcends fashion by merging purpose with passion. With a mission deeply rooted in social responsibility, Las Alba FV creates handbags from repurposed military uniforms, leather, and other materials transforming symbols of service into symbols of style and sustainability.
Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact, Las Alba FV not only crafts exquisite handbags but also fosters opportunities for learning and growth.
Through every stitch and seam, Las Alba FV embodies the ethos of compassion and collaboration, bridging the gap between fashion and social responsibility. With each purchase, customers not only acquire a unique accessory but also contribute to a greater cause, supporting education and empowerment initiatives for those who have served their country.
Join Las Alba FV on a journey of transformation, where fashion becomes a force for good, and every handbag carries a story of resilience, craftsmanship, and hope.



 Our Team

Jose Hidalgo Designer &  Mechanical Engineer USA

Paola Rodriguez Alba Visual Artist & Architect Dominican Republic

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