About Us

Las Alba is a non-profit organization started by two sisters with very different backgrounds but a passion for helping others.  Johanny is a Fashion Photographer and Fashion Designer who developed an interest in human behavior and obtained degrees in Forensic Psychology and Special Early Childhood Education. Quimairy is a Nurse who has been in the Navy for 16 years.  Their bifurcated careers merged when Johanny asked Quimairy for one of her old uniforms to design a handbag, from there, the idea organically came into vision, “Why not take these uniforms, which often are thrown, away or shredded and give something back to the people that served and risk their life for us and their  families.”
Their artisanal handbags are made in all repurposed military uniforms or in all leather or/and repurposed military uniforms & leather in Tuscany, Italy and New Jersey, USA.  Our cousins Paola & Candy Rodriguez (Paraca) make the crochet bags in the Dominican Republic. 
Mission: Their mission is to create beautiful handbags using up-cycled military uniforms and/or leather in order to provide scholarships to low-income students interested in studying and/or doing research on mental health including PTSD to help veterans and their families.
Vision: To help reduce the suicide rate amongst veterans by working closely with them and their families as a unit.   
In collaboration and partnering with mental health providers they have developed a package that will include therapy such as Eye Movement and Desensitization reprocessing therapy, somatic techniques such as yoga, titration, body awareness and sequencing among others, which have been shown to be effective in treating PTSD.  As an alumni of High School of Fashion Industries, this year they worked with Ms. Brenda Lee Rojas, and her Senior Honor Class 2022 in the development of  garments to complement their line of handbags.  As a token of appreciation for the students' hard work under a difficult year  Las Alba FV sponsored each student who created a garment with a scholarship.  
The uniforms used in our production come from donations from family members and friends.  We would like to give special thanks to the Humble and Roberts Family and the BPC Clothing Ministry  for  their donations and for  believing in our mission.

Our Team

Jose Hidalgo Designer &  Mechanical Engineer USA
Tania Lucchesi Designer & Manufacturer Italy
Rafaelle Cerullo Designer & Manufacturer Italy
Ara Melkonian Designer & Manufacturer USA
Paola Rodriguez Alba Visual Artist & Architect Dominican Republic   Juan Zenteno
Designer & Manufacture USA

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